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  • In this digital world, new technology is transforming marketing. Bytemerica, focused on Brazil, explores the possibilities of technology in marketing.

  • "Bytemerica" combines "Byte" and "America". "Byte" reflects our passion for digital technology, and "merica" our roots in the Americas. Our mission? Use technology to reinvent marketing in Brazil and the Americas.

  • Our team is passionate about technology and innovation. With platforms like TikTok and Kwai and marketing on WhatsApp, we seek innovative solutions.

  • Bytemerica values ethics. We respect our users and protect their privacy.

  • At Bytemerica, we believe the future is what we create. Let's shape marketing in the Americas with technology together.

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Services for Creators

Help you become a better version of yourself

Creators earn money by completing Bytemerica tasks

Training for creators to learn how to monetize influence

Provide studio spaces and equipments for creators

Host the monthly creators Meetups

Signed contracts with more than 100+ creator incubation agents

Help creators use content creation tools quickly and easily


marketing service for Brands

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International companies Launching in Brazil

Setting up a Brazilian company, opening a Brazilian bank account, registering a local social media account

Creators recruitment

Recruit local KOL/KOC in Brazil, complete the tasks of enterprises, and pay creators in local currency

Contents customization

According to the predetermined scripts, recruit local KOL/KOC to complete the creation of videos, audios and texts

Brand Promotion

Joint brand promotion in Brazil, using the Internet, TV, radio, etc.

Local Supply Chain Sourcing Service

International e-commerce uses its own traffic to help local merchants in Brazil sell goods

More services

If you have other cooperation plans, let us know and help you get the Brazilian market!

Why you need the Bytemerica ZapBI solution?

Bytemerica specializes in providing complete leading WhatsApp social marketing solutions, including but not limited to WhatsApp marketing, WhatsApp CRM,

social ecommerce platform, social fission, etc.




total solution

based on WhatsApp

Public Internet Traffic to

Private Internet Traffic Omni tool

based on WhatApp

With a partnership with a scale of more than 300 team members, Byetmerica has been accumulating ample industrial experience and practical operating technologies by widely serving global clients including retail business brands, gaming apps, Fin-tech companies, e- commerce platforms and etc.

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WhatsApp BI Solution

helps semi-automate your business workflow. Back up customer profile & chat history, create customization tags, send personalized quick reply, export visual report, import contacts and a lot more!

our methodology

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As the largest country in the southern hemisphere, Brazil is rich in cultural soil for creators to survive.

For every new brand, understanding Brazil and helping local creators grow together will master the traffic password of the Brazilian market!

Social Media Technologies and Growth Strategies

Ecological support for Brazilian content creators

More convenient and fast high-quality service

With the official support by ByteDance

Helping creators use their influence to make money

success cases

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Our team is the official partner of Bytedance Group in Brazil. The cooperation includes:

  • Creator recruitment and training
  • Brazilian brand business cooperation
  • Creator and collaborator payments
  • Other landing services, etc.

clients feedback

"The Brazilian market has complex rules and high legal risks. The Bytemerica team has helped the implementation of Byte's products in many ways, and we look forward to a broader space for cooperation in the future."

--- Helo product operation manager

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Let us be your Brazilian market partner! Just tell us a little bit and our team can help you:

  • Your company's main business
  • Main target customers
  • what do you expect to achieve

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